Majlis Tents In UAE

Majlis tents are very popular in gulf countries these tent are made in different sizes and multiple shapes. Appearance of the outer shape of the Arabic Majlis tent varies as desired by the client. We can design Arabic Majlis tents on demand, it varies from black and white color.

  1. Sadu Decor Blended Fabric

Inside we use Sadu Decor Blended Fabric which has the best designs and special decor lighting. Use of wood work along with high quality Spanish cloth for satisfaction of the clients, also provide the traditional Sadu cloth with different design in Royal Arabic majlis tents.

We can change door shapes as there are glass doors, regular tent doors (small and large). Window sizes vary as per client’s request. For making windows we use aluminum frame structures. in the outer side we use imported waterproof Bait Shaar cloth mixture of Goat Hairs.